So this past week I’ve had the plesure of working with a sane build system written in C#.

It’s called cake a word play on make :) and I really enjoy working with it’s DSL. You can find it here

I have written build scripts before and in diffrents languages, but this was the first time I’ve written any sane C# script. I have written C# as a MSBuild task, but that was not so pleasent and for the rest of MSBuild you write xml for your script, but that model is really really REALLY hard to understand and write.

With cake I’ve written a self-contained build, hmm you say what is that, yet another buzz word online. Well as I understand it’s more of a preparation of the repo in such a way that a new dev can perform some simple steps and be off building and debugging and developing.

In my self-contained build I have these steps:

  • clone the repo
  • run on Linux and OS X
  • run build.ps1 on Windows

Simple right! And I have a really quick demo :)

Build Like A Boss

You can find the demo here